Hands on Healing

I will visit you in your home or anywhere of your choosing. I will bring a chair for you to sit on during the session, I will play relaxing music. I will then ‘ tune in ‘ and direct the energy to you via my hands. You may feel heat and tingling. The initial first session can take up to an hour, you may have anyone there with you, if you wish, to attend the session also.

COST :- £40 per session.

Distant Healing

At the arranged time, you will be in your home and I will be in mine. You can sit in your chair or lie down somewhere during the session. I will ‘ tune in ‘ mind to mind with my helpers, then I will direct the healing to you, the energy will be directed to the source of your problem.

COST :- £30 per week.

Remote Viewing and Advice

At the arranged time, you will be in your home and I will be in mine. I will ‘tune in’ to your situation and will be shown what your problem is and how this can be healed / rectified.

COST :- £30 per session.

Stressful Situations

After receiving the information required, I would ‘tune in’ to the situation, then help calm you and the person / people that you are meeting.

I can help with :
Job interviews, driving tests, phone interviews, exams, hospital / doctors / dental appointments, bullying, travelling/ relationships, work meetings, presentations.

COST : – £30.

Messages from Spirit

I can connect with loved ones that have passed over and I will relay back to you their messages that I receive.

COST: – £30

Building Clearing – Spirit / Ghost Removal

COST: – From £50

All children under the age of 12 and all animals and pets, will receive a 50% reduction in fees.

Types of Service