Testimonial 1:  My son Chico was diagnosed with a rare from of cancer called Rhabdomyosarcoma in December 2012 at the age of 10. His tumour was inoperable so he had to endure a very harsh 43 week chemotherapy regime and 6 weeks of daily radiation sessions.

About 5 months into his treatment he was suffering really badly with constant nausea, frequent infections and hospitalisations, plus he wasn’t able to eat due to damage from the radiation and also was in a wheelchair due to the damage one of the chemotherapy drugs had done to his legs and feet. I was worried about how he was going to manage another 5 months. My friend told me about Ray and suggested we ask him to help. I was initially a little sceptical, but figured that it could certainly do no harm and if he was as gifted as she said, well he may even do some good! So the healing began. Ray set to work on Chico, armed with only photos and a description of Chico’s story. Within days of Ray working on Chico, we suddenly, out of nowhere, had an array of complementary therapies lined up to help and Chico started to improve and handle his treatment much better than before. I am convinced that it was Ray’s influence that brought the right complementary therapies to us and his healing work helped Chico get stronger. Ray’s support continued throughout the rest of his treatment and then 4 months ago the chemotherapy finally finished and to our joy he was declared to be in remission from the cancer.

Ray was always there for us throughout the ups and downs, sending healing whenever we needed it and he continues to this day, helping Chico to get stronger as he gradually regains his strength and begins to get back to being a normal kid again. He rode a bike the other day that we bought him for Christmas 14 months ago for the very first time.

In my opinion, anyone dealing with a catastrophic illness needs three key people on their team – a great doctor in charge of their medical care, a great integrative practitioner in charge of their complementary care, and a great healer in charge of their spiritual care.

I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Ray to everyone I know who needs to be healed. He is a rare, truly gifted soul, who genuinely cares about his patients and helps effect enormous positive change. I urge anyone who might be a little sceptical to open your mind, let Ray get to work, and be amazed by the results.

Angela Smith
Los Angeles, USA (but originally from Manchester UK) Feb 2014

Testimonial 2:  I first learned of Ray and his work from a magazine article several years ago and, as a healer myself, I was extremely interested to read about the impressive results of his healing work. He is based in my local area so I felt that I had to meet him and have a healing session, which I did. Since then there have been many more healing sessions and Ray has helped me in so many ways. Recently, I had an escalating problem with my digestive system which I just couldn’t understand. Ray identified the cause as the wooden spoon that I had been using to cook with. Once I stopped using it, things returned to normal! I would never have expected that to be the cause but, he was right, as usual. Ray is totally dedicated to his healing work but is still the most down-to-earth, genuine person you could imagine. He explains things in understandable language and makes you feel very comfortable and supported. Whether your problem is physical, mental or emotional Ray will be there for you and will help you to the best of his considerable ability. I can honestly say that, in my opinion, he is an exceptional healer and would recommend him to anyone without hesitation.

Pam Down, Northumberland, UK

Testimonial 3:   I have had few healing sessions with Ray. Each one is very different and unique. They are a fantastic way to relax your mind and gain inner peace. Ray can fix an array of problems and the impact of the sessions I’ve had have been calming and strengthening. He can identify if you have a health problem and can help fix it so well worth contacting if you have are worried about something. He really can give you peace of mind!
He is a down to earth very genuine person who was recommended to me and I certainly would have no hesitation in recommending him to others. He genuinely cares about helping and enjoys his work. A number of my family members have also had sessions with Ray and feedback from them has always been excellent too. If you are sceptical I’m sure that will change with Ray’s sessions!

Kathryn B

Testimonial 4:  I know Ray Balmain for a long time now. Both my family and I have received hands on and absent healing in the past. I have received healing for acute vertigo. I found this treatment very effective. My daughter has a condition called neuron migration. It is a neurological condition and the side effects are seizures. Ray has given healing to her and I believe this contributed to part of her recovery. Ray has never claimed to be God but he has made a difference to our lives when needed.

Deirdre Burns

Testimonial 5:  I was in the middle of a personal relationship crisis which affected my health and well being, friends were supportive but felt limited in what they could say or do . By chance i came across a friend I hadn’t seen for a while, she had split from her long term partner and was totally in control of her life. I asked how how she had managed to reach the light at the end of the tunnel one word was Ray Balmain the healer
I asked for his contact details and phoned to see if he was able to help me regain some control of my life as i was in a relationship which wasn’t good for my health, wellbeing or confidence . Ray asked was what i needed the healing to do, i said i needed it to help my partner to respect and refrain from emotional abuse.
Ray explained that the healing worked directly on me and then other contributing factors , he said that he would be able to help and i needed to see over the next week or two if i noticed any positive changes . I was amazed how quickly things changed i started to feel much better in myself with a positive outlook i could now see the light at the end of the tunnel. Friends noticed the improvement and assumed i had seperated from my partner , in fact the relationship became stronger through the healing sent by Ray
Thank you Ray for lifting me from a very dark place where i couldn’t see the light for the trees.

Glen Chad